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so im making a donation post


hi im hanna and i need help

so long story short, ive been unemployed for 2 years now and in september im moving to london through an agency that’ll hook me up with a flat and a job.

i had all the costs sorted out, but then i had to start paying back my studen debts from 2011 despite not having income besides my an unemployment grant i get each month (about 270 euros) and a part time job, working 4 hrs a week. this usually earns me about 100-200 euros if im lucky

more than half of that goes to medication, travel expenses (since im required to do an internship 5 days a week to maintain my grant) and my phone bill. i moved back home after i stopped working due to my mental health issues, and i had to drop out of school too, so while im in my home country im managing ok, but when i move to london i gonna be in a bad position!

i only need money for the first three weeks as i will recieve my pay check by the end of week 3. i arrive in london september 15.

what i need

  • money for travel, an estimated 37 GBP a week x 3
  • food, an estimated 25 GBP per week x 3 altho im rly willing to eat way less if i have to
  • medication, since i cant withdraw my prescription outside of sweden i wil need to deposit 3 to 6 months worth of my meds at once (this depends on what my doctor agrees to but i need 3 months minimum. im planning to go back to sweden during christmas so this is a bit flexible)
  • a work uniform, ill be waitressing so i’ll need the black suit + skirt + shoes ensemble, which im told can be bought cheap at primark, tho my handler tells me to budget 60-100 GBP
  • doctors appointments, this will be about 40 euros. i need to check some physical things that are worrying me.
  • if possible, a ‘rainy day fund’, since ive been told your accomodation can take a while to acces, i might have to stay at the hostel for longer than intended. their fee is 16 GBP per night. (its a rly shit hostel)

i absolutely cannot go without my medication!! i have diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder and pretty severe social anxiety. not only is it extremely bad to go off my brand cold turkey, but im also deabilitated without it.

i’ve had to quit jobs and school because of it. prior to starting my medication treatment i could not: work, buy groceries except at very specific stores i had frequented and only during specific times of day, 

take the tube, make phone calls, order food, answer my phone sometimes even when it was a friend or relative, talk to strangers, attend social events, eat in public, enter a room that was full of people etc. my ocd also caused me several panic attacks a week and made it unbearable to be around people.

i am currently selling as much stuff as i can (my furniture, my clothes, my shoes) and borrowing from relatives (who i owe like serious amounts of money)

my mother is retired and living below minimum wage and my dad has severe debts to pay that he’s had for over a decade now. my brother has a baby and is remodeling his house and pm all my friends are part time employees or unemlpoyed.

ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!! if you want to trade or maybe i can write or draw st or promo you, i will absolutely do that!! please, i you cant donate, signal boost this.

how to pay: i cant convert my paypal to a business account, but you can send money to my paypal email:

if theres some other way you can think of to donate, my ask is always open. 

thank you!!!

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